8 Practical tips for minimising hunger

1. Choose food options that score high on the satiety index.

Single ingredient, plainer tasting foods that have low calorie density but higher fibre, water or protein content.

Not sure what the satiety index is?

Check out the post I made on it previously!

2. Add volume to meals by including more low calorie fruits and vegetables. These will also add additional fibre to the diet too.

Check out my 'SALAD BUILDER' post for a guide on making high volume, nutritious salads that keep you feeling full.

3. When choosing carbohydrates opt for ones that are water absorbing or contain water and have some fibre such as brown rice, brown pasta, oats, quinoa, potatoes etc.

Satiety is most strongly related to the WEIGHT of food consumed. Foods that weigh the most, satisfy our hunger best (Holt. 1995).

4. When choosing protein sources opt for leaner options with lower calorie density.

Calorie/ energy density: a measure of the calorie content of food relative to its weight or volume.

5. Caffeine is a powerful appe