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How to Front Squat

The above image highlights common technique points of focus to make the front squat more efficient.

Efficient = achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.

In this case mastering technique on this move will help with adding more weight to the bar with time and thus seeing improvements with strength and hypertrophy gains.

Masting technique also means:

  1. Becoming able to use and increase full range of motion, fairly important for hypertrophy.

  2. Finding a technique that can be trained long term, important for continued strength & hypertrophy gains and training longevity.

+ more things.

I like the front squat because:

  • It’s decent for quad development and doesn’t require a lot of kit.

  • It’s decent for improving upper back strength.

  • It doesn’t place as much stress on the lower back which can be a factor worth moderating for some.

  • It looks cool.

How to do it:

  1. Get under the bar with a soft bend in the knees, place fingers on the knurl, bring the shoulders forward and push elbows up so that the bar sits in the crook.

  2. Then unrack by by straightening the legs and doing a 3 step walkout.

  3. Take a breath.

  4. Descend by breaking at the knee or sitting straight down. Allow the knees to travel past the toes as you maintain an upright torso throughout.

  5. Keep the elbows up high throughout to minimise wrist discomfort.

  6. Go to the depth that you want to/ can train then come back up.


This is not like a back squat where the shoulders are squeezed back.

These may feel uncomfortable at first. This is okay. There is a difference between discomfort and pain.

It’s also okay if your shoulders get a bit red or the bar touches your throat.

Demo, inefficient technique:

Demo, efficient technique:


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