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'Heathy' Food.

Nowhere in any reputable nutrition textbook will you find a table of ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’ foods.

Things are simply not this black and white, nor do they need to be. The cool thing is, it’s in the shades of grey where change happens. Be that physical changes or mindset shift.

Mentally separating foods into camps of good and bad is a fruitless and tiring endeavour. If this is your current mindset I’d urge to you move away from it with time.

I feel it’s more helpful for most people to learn the basics of what nutrients make up foods and then use this information to make more informed decisions regarding diet.

Image two shows more of a sliding scale mindset, with foods more helpful for a goal nearer the top and foods that are less helpful for a goal nearer to the bottom.

It’s okay to eat foods that are less helpful for your goals. You decide how often you want to choose foods from bottom of the scale.

Your life does not revolve around how much you weigh. Food in our world is generally made to be enjoyed and is accompanied by socialising.

Most of us with long term goals seem to do well hanging out somewhere in the middle of the scale, enjoying a mix of nutrient dense foods for fuelling our bodies and some less nutrient dense foods for enjoyment.

The third image is more of a vague construct my brain came up with when trying to illustrate food choices based on multiple factors.

These images are not rules for life, merely ideas. Don’t pay much attention to where I put the emojis 🙃 - yes, this is a rehash of some ramblings I posted on my story a while ago 👌


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