High Fibre Foods

A large % of the UK does not meet the daily fibre intake guidelines.

Gut health (definition needed, also how do we measure that?) has become an increasingly popular cause for concern within the health and wellness field.

To meet demand a large number of supplements have materialised claiming to improve the function of the microbiome or digestion (vague). The majority of these products are not supposed by robust data for their efficacy and so are not things I feel are worth talking about at this time.

Fibre intake from fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains however, is though.

If you’d like to do one thing for your health that packs a serious punch it would be to meet the guidelines of 30g+ fibre per day for adults.

If you aren’t sure of your current fibre intake then tracking your food intake for a week using a food tracking app like MyFitnessPal can be insightful.

Assessing fibre intake can also be useful if experiencing digestive symptoms.