High Protein Breakfasts

For help & support with a fat loss or muscle gain goal check out my 1-1 nutrition coaching 🥑 For fat loss goals: - You don’t have to eat breakfast to lose weight. Total daily and weekly calorie intakes will be the main driver of weight change. However if you struggle with reaching your desired protein intake then including a ‘dose’ at breakfast would likely be a good shout. - Eating a higher protein diet may help you feel fuller for longer potentially resulting in less snacking, picking at foods or over consuming calories when meal times come around. - Protein has a thermic effect meaning some calories are used in the process of digesting proteins. A higher protein diet can result in lower energy intake over the course of the day than a lower protein diet when calories are matched.

For muscle gain: - Dietary protein is mandatory for the creation of new muscle proteins in the body. - Higher protein intakes are more effective at this than lower protein intakes. - Higher protein intakes aid in muscle retention for those also utilising caloric restriction, particularly in leaner individuals. - It seems more favourable to distribute total daily protein intake across 3-5 meals to allow for many protein synthesis ‘spikes’ over the course of the day rather than few.

Do you have any more high protein breakfast combos? Honourable mentions go to protein pancakes and making a shake.