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Macros, Where to Start?

If you’re thinking of trying macro tracking this year here’s a starting point I put together to help you set your macros.

Note: this is a very vague general guide for a person in the healthy BMI range for their height who is looking to dial in their nutrient intake to suit body composition change (muscle building, fat loss) via resistance training.

I don’t use multipliers exclusively in my practice as there are many situations that call for figures outside of what these brackets provide. However they can be a great place to start.

Calorie intake still rules over macro nutrient intake, so hop back a few posts to see my ‘calculate your calories’ post if you need to grab a rough figure for calorie intake then potentially apply a deficit or surplus to it.

The macronutrients are protein, carbs and fats. Fibre is included in the carb count. Generally I like to determine protein and fat intake first, then pour the remaining calories into carbs.

Protein recommendations based on what the majority of the nutrition for training lit. says about this stuff. Fibre recs. based on NHS guidelines. Protein timing based on Atherton’s study of muscle protein synthesis refractory periods.


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