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RDL Technique


Barbell RDL (Romanian Deadlift)

1. Take double overhand grip, just outside of hip width on the bar and remove it from the rack. Walk out past the catch pins if necessary.

2. Take a shoulder width or narrower than shoulder width stance with toes pointing slightly out.

3. Before initiating the movement ensure the lats are pulled back and down to keep the bar in close to the body.

4. Hinge at the hip by pushing the hips back and sliding the barbell down the legs until it reaches mid shin or just passes the knee.

5. To reverse the movement drive the hips forward using the glutes and hamstrings and drag the barbell up the legs.

6. Repeat for reps.


- Keep the knees ‘soft’ meaning not locked out/ hyperextended and with a slight bend as you perform the movement.

- Aim to keep the back fairly flat throughout the movement by keeping the shoulder blades or lats locked down. This will also minimise the barbell drifting forwards.

- Note that the bar begins and remains over the mid foot throughout the movement, it travels up and down in a near vertical line. Your centre of mass and the barbell should be balanced over the midfoot.

- Focus on utilising the glutes and the hamstrings to drive this movement in addition the the back. Focusing on contracting/ flexing them on both the lowering and lifting portions of the movement can help with identifying how tension feels there.

Muscles worked: Gluteals, hamstrings, Spinal erectors and other muscles of the back.


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