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The Plate Management Method

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

A super handy method for a non-tracked approach to nutrition. This method can also work in tandem with tracking to improve various outcomes.

Consistency with portion sizing is key if using this type of approach and a set number of meals per day should be agreed upon if looking for a certain outcome like weight loss or gain.

The boxes can change in order of importance based on what the aim of the meal is, or what the goal of the nutrition strategy overall is.

2 sections veg/ fruit/ bean/ pea

1 section protein (palm sized portion)

1 section carbohydrate or vegetable

1 section treat or fat source

Want to make a change with your nutrition?

As an MNU Certified Nutritionist,

I coach nutrition for:

  • Weight change

  • Health outcomes

  • Performance

Coaching includes:

  • Weekly/ bi weekly 1-1 video sessions & nutrition education to equip you with the skills to make sustainable change

  • A tailored nutrition strategy thats suits your needs, history & lifestyle

  • Progress monitoring to keep you accountable

  • Ongoing support


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