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As a MNU Certified Nutritionist I offer one to one, online nutrition coaching and consultations.

Online nutrition coaching is available worldwide with sessions delivered by video call.


Please enquire by email to request pricing. 

Nutrition Consultation

This one-off service is perfect for those who may not need full coaching with ongoing support.

The 90 minute consultation provides you with immediate feedback on your current eating habits via food diary analysis and highlights areas for improvement in regards to your personal goals.


Digestible, scientific explanations will be provided for the nutrition approaches that may best suit your aims and you will be walked through step-by-step how to apply these to your current lifestyle.

In addition to the consult you will also receive full written recommendations accompanied by practical examples of how to implement them based on what we discuss.


Consults are incredibly comprehensive and aim to address all questions and concerns to ensure you leave with the information and reassurance you need to work towards your goals.

If you are ready to book a session please click the button below to fill out a pre-consult questionnaire, I will be in touch with you shortly.

90 minute 1-1 video format nutrition & lifestyle consultation

Extensive follow up notes with specific nutrition recommendations and examples

All of your questions answered


Premium Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition coaching will suit you if:


  • You're looking to make ​a significant change to your health, body, and mindset

  • You're tired of sifting through conflicting information online and want a straightforward roadmap to results

  • You've tried various diets the past but haven't gotten sustainable results

  • You want to build nutrition skills that will offer you the best return on investment for your time

  • You want to be able to feel confident self managing your nutrition for life after coaching


After coaching my clients feel:

  • They understand how to make changes to see results, and the reasons why this works

  • Confidence self managing their nutrition for life after coaching

  • Able to eat in a way that makes them feel good and supports their exercise goals

  • Able to navigate life challenges and prioritise what is most important to see continued results

I currently only offer one tier of coaching for nutrition; a premium service with extensive support that is fully customised to your unique needs. This coaching includes either a weekly or bi-weekly 1-1 video session with me.

This service aims to develop sustainable nutrition and lifestyle habits that ensure long term reassurance with weight management and the influence of nutrition on health.

I can teach you about:

  • Manipulating energy balance & metabolism for body change

  • Macronutrition & food composition

  • Meal timing, frequency and composition

  • Practical meal planning and food sourcing

  • Fibre and dietary fat recommendations for health

  • Carbohydrate manipulation for performance

  • Micronutrition and supplementation for health and wellbeing

  • Supplementation for performance

  • Nutrition specifics for muscle hypertrophy

  • Nutrition specifics for reducing metabolic disease risk

  • Pre and post natal nutrition

If you are ready to start click the button below to fill out a pre-consult questionnaire, I will be in touch with you shortly.

Weekly or bi-weekly video session

Custom nutrition protocol,

updated as needed

Ongoing dietary analysis and

monitoring of progress

Unlimited access & support

Any questions?

If you require hybrid coaching (programming for both nutrition & training) please email for a quote.


"Having been training for over 6 years and a qualified personal trainer for almost 3 years, I often considered hiring a coach for some insight into my own training and nutrition but never really took action on it.


I started following Kathryn maybe a year ago and I was always impressed by her content. Despite what some may think, coaches can often benefit from having a  coach themselves but I knew I would only ever hire one with a similar message and values to myself and it was clear that Kathryn fitted that description. 2 months ago I took the plunge and contacted Kathryn to see if we would be a good fit for coaching.


The on-boarding process was quick and smooth and from the first email I found Kathryn to be very friendly, thorough and clearly passionate about her work. She took my goals into consideration then devised a plan to get me started, running every step of the process by me first.


I came to Kathryn with the goals of fat loss, a possible change to my training approach and to hopefully start integrating certain movements back into my training that I had been neglecting due to injuries. The detail she goes in to for the price of the service is fantastic, even including a consultation Skype/phone call and a follow up call every 2 weeks to monitor progress, as well as up to daily contact via messaging and the app through which she runs her training plans.


I have made exceptional progress in my fat loss efforts, added back in the movements I wanted to with help from Kathryn and I am thoroughly enjoying my training.


Kathryn’s focus on overall health and wellbeing as well as educating the client to make informed decisions for themselves is what sets her apart as a coach. For me one of the biggest benefits of the service is the accountability aspect. You will not just be given a plan and left to your own devices, there is very regular communication and updates.


I have also seen a substantial shift in my mindset around pain and injuries with the help of Kathryn, seeing progress in some areas that I have struggled with extensively in the past.


Lastly, I have even adapted some coaching practices from her to utilise with my own clients. I cannot recommend Kathryn highly enough and I will be continuing to work with her for the foreseeable future."

Seán, Personal trainer & Online coach

I enjoyed training with Kathryn immensely mostly due to her laid back approach and knowledgeable manner with food and exercise. She was always clear and flexible, making me comfortable with my choices but also challenged with my programming. I was a bit lost in my direction but now i have a clearer sense of direction in my goals and my methods.

Eliza, Teacher

Kathryn is amazing, because of her I get closer to my goals everyday. She does so much more than just telling you what to do. She gives you the knowledge to make informed decisions on diet choices and confidence in the gym. 

Kaitlyn, Med student

It has been a pleasure working with Kathryn over the last few months.  I am impressed by her way of presenting information since I first started watching her YouTube videos and her no-nonsense approach to fitness.  She is very knowledgeable and easy to work with.  I look forward to continuing my fitness journey with her in my corner!

Lindsay, Accountant

I really would like to thank you for all of your teaching and support over the past almost 3 months. I genuinely enjoy the training and coach style you've given me. 

I really enjoy the reading stuff you sent through and having the weekly progress updates to keep myself accountable.

Andrea, Engineer

Kathryn is an amazing coach. She has helped me get closer to my goals everyday, as well as giving me more knowledge on nutrition/working out. She is such a genuine person all around and cares about her clients, and she is there for any questions and to communicate with anytime.

Nora, Student

The nutrition plan from Kathryn was very detailed, clear to understand and great value for money. It has helped me to understand what I need to work on and allowed me to work towards those goals and Kathryn has been really good in following up making sure I was on track and happy with everything.

Jamie, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Thank you for your help and for being so thorough! If I need some insight in the future I will definitely choose you again; I've never paid for nutritional guidance before and I think I made the right choice given the amount of solid, grounded information I got!

Eva, Student

After working with Kathryn for a couple of months, I can say with confidence that having a helpful coach such as herself is key to succeed. As a beginner, she gave me great guidance. I never felt ashamed to ask questions or to be honest about my workouts/tracking. I feel that over the past few months I have gained confidence, and knowledge about myself and in the gym.

Emma, Student

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